What motivates you?

what motivates you?
A few ideas…

– The feeling of making a difference and doing something that helps people or that helps make the world a little better of a place.
eg teaching people, improving awareness about a cause, about personal empowerment, about health etc.
eg painting pretty designs that will make the environment nicer-feeling and will be uplifting.
eg inventing a new innovation that helps the world in some way

– Meeting set targets: Taking on challenges that are interesting and stimulating and seeing them through to the end so you feel like “YES! I did it!”. It gives a sense of accomplishment when you can look back and say “I achieved that”. When you have targets you have a feeling of knowing exactly what you’re doing and where you’re going – that feeling of clarity feels so good. It often feels better to be challenged than to be in a situation where you feel unchallenged, bored, frustrated and stagnant. Challenges help us expand and grow in our skill levels.

– Visible results
eg seeing the bonus pay / commission reward come in from a job well done.
eg training / teaching someone something and seeing them then apply it for themselves.
eg seeing the view count or like count on a video you made, seeing that X number of people saw it or liked it
eg seeing a product you made / designed, being in stores and receiving positive reviews.
eg getting an award of “best in their field”.

– The buzz of working with others to build something greater than any of us could alone.

– The buzz you get when you feel like you’ve solved a problem.

– The feeling of personal growth and expansion.

– Feeling like you’re utilizing your talents to their fullest potential – being your best self.