Jonathan Ross on the best moments in life

Paraphrased from Jonathan Ross’s book: Why do I say these things:

People often ask “What makes a man a success?” but perhaps a better question to ask for when you are lying on your deathbed is: “What moments from your life do you remember most fondly?”

1.) For me (Jonathan Ross), it’s not the time I met the Queen or had dinner with David Bowie, in spite those being lovely experiences. It has nothing to do with fame or even family. No, it is the moment I discovered I could do a forward roll. I find myself thinking of it and smiling probably once a week even though it was decades ago. You see, I had already harboured great ambitions to be a superhero and this seemed to me a very necessary and valuable first step in that direction. Sometimes I try to replicate that moment today. I often throw myself on the bed in a peculiar way which my wife has learned to ignore.

2.) Jumping on and off a moving old London Routemaster bus – getting the judgement of speed etc just right.



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