There’s never need to say a bad word about anyone.
Choose your words carefully. Words are powerful. Words can hurt. Especially for the majority of us who don’t live entirely in the Now and for those of us who give over control of their Selves to their fragile egos. Once you say something, people have the potential to remember it for a lifetime and you can’t click undo or delete.

If you stop and think about it, there is another way of saying something that often would be more accurate and more constructive than a general simplistic judgement.

(And to reiterate an earlier point: People usually do horrible things because they are hurting. Often when you say something horrible it’s because for some reason you don’t feel good about yourself. Stop and notice what’s really driving your words before they come out of your mouth. Is it really *that* thing you’re criticizing that you dislike? Or is it how it makes you feel that you dislike? And who controls how something makes you feel? You.)


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