Tongue Twisters in other languages

1.) German:
Blaukraut bleibt Blaukraut und Brautkleid bleibt Brautkleid.

Meaning: Red cabbage remains red cabbage and a wedding dress remains a wedding dress

2.) German:
Fischers Fritz fischt frische Fische. Frische Fische fischt Fischers Fritz.

Meaning: Fischers Fritz fishes fresh fish. Fresh fish fishes Frischers Fritz

3.) Italian:
Tre secchi stecchi in tre strette tasche stanno

Meaning: three dry sticks in three pockets are tight

Or another variation of this:
Tre tozzi di pan secco in tre strette tasche stanno.

Meaning: Three chunks of dry bread in three pockets are tight.

4.) Hebrew:
נָחָשׁ נָשַׁח נָחָשׁ
Pronounciation: Nachash nashach nachash

Meaning: A snake bit a snake

5.) French:
Diderot dînait du dos d’un dodo dindon.

Meaning: Diderot dined on the back of a plump turkey.

6.) French:
Le ver vert va vers le verre vert.

Meaning: The green grub goes to the green grass.

7.) French:
Six sous ces saucissons-ci
Meaning: Six cents for these sausages

8.) Hebrew:
‫שרה שרה שיר שמח
How it’s pronounced: Sah-ra shah-ra sheer sah-me-ach

Meaning: Sarah sings a happy song

9.) Italian:

Il papá pesa al pepe a Pisa.

Meaning: In Pisa the dad weighs pepper.

10.) Italian:

Gli amici cinici delle cimici.

Meaning: Cynical friends of bugs.
or the cynic friends of the bedbugs (Cimex lectularius).

11.) Italian:

Ti intant tuei un te’

Meaning: You in the mean time, have some tea.

12.) Italian

A éia e âe?

Meaning: Does he/she have wings?

13.) Hindi
kaccha papad, pakka papad.

Meaning: Uncooked papadum, cooked papadum.

14.) Latin
Bonum nomen, bonum omen.

Meaning: A good name, a good omen (or marriage).

15.) Latin
Semper ubi sub ubi.
Meaning: Always wear underwear.

16.) Norwegian:
Åtte kopper upoppet popkorn.

Eight cups of un-popped popcorn.

17.) Norwegian
Hadde jeg hatt den hatten jeg hadde hatt, så hadde jeg hatt en hatt jeg òg!

Meaning: Had I had the hat I had had, I would have had a hat too!

18.) Norwegian
Fem flate flyndrer på et flatt fat.

Five flat fishes on a flat plate.

19.) Norwegian
Voksen bokser vasker bukser.
An adult boxer is washing trousers.

20.) Norwegian
Fisker’n Finn fiska fersk fisk forige fredag.
Finn The Fisher fished fresh fish last friday.

21.) Norwegian
Stekt torsk, kokt torsk.
Fried codfish, boiled codfish.

22.) Norwegian

RaLejaLe hemmat i høssølæssom å naumøLa spikkjipørse.

dialect of Haltdalen, middle Norway (capital “L” represents “thick” l)

Walking unsteady over the field, going towards home, wearing nothing but socks on your feet and eat a salami.

23.) Russian

Добр бобр для бобрят.

Dobr bobr dlya bobryat.

The beaver is good to the little beavers.

24.) Russian

Жил-был жук, жук жил-был.
Once upon a time there was a beetle..

25.) Swedish

Barbros bror badade bara i Barsebäck.

Barbra’s brother only bathes in Barback.

26.) Swedish

Pappa hänger upp hinkar i taket.

Father is hanging buckets from the ceiling.

27.) Swedish

Sotaren Selma samlar semlor. Se så många semlor Selma samlat.

Selma the chimney sweep collects buns. See so many buns Selma has collected.

28.) Persian:

Ghoori e gol ghermezi

The tea-pot with a red flower on it

29.) Persian

Ruye rune marde Lore mu dore.

The tops of the feet of the man from Lor are hairy.

30.) Persian

Daii chaaghe, chaii daaghe.

The uncle is fat, the tea is hot.

31.) Persian:

Kalaaghe ba malaaghe, baa kamaale alaaghe, zad too sareh olaaghe.

With great pleasure, the crow hit the head of the donkey using a laddle.

32.) Finnish

Hämärä mäkärä kämisi mähässä

A weird mosquito was arguing by himself in a pile of moss.

33.) Finnish

Sorsaperhe kaislikossa

A wild duck family in the bulrushes

34.) Finnish

Älä rääkkääkään kissaa.

Don’t tease your cat

35.) Finnish

Katso kastuiko kaktus.

Check if the cactus got wet.

36.) Finnish

Kävelin illalla sillalla.

I walked in the evening on the bridge.

37.) Finnish

Vesihiisi sihisi hississä

The water-spirit/sea-monster was hissing in the elevator.

38.) Finnish

Mun mummuni muni mun mammani, mun mammani muni mun.

My grandma made my mom; my mom made me.

39.) Finnish

Alli pamautti vittua mapilla.

Alli banged the beaver with a folder.

40.) Finnish

Illalla hilpeänä kaljaa, aamulla kalpeana hiljaa.

In the evening joyously drinking beer. In the morning pale and still.

41.) Finnish

Kokoo kokoon koko kokko

Please set up the bonfire

42.) Finnish

Tikka tuolla hakkaa, hikkaa;
hakee, hakee, tikkalikkaa.

Mr Woodpecker is pecking and chipping; searching, searching for Ms Woodpecker.

43.) English

Seth at Sainsbury’s sells thick socks.

44.) English

Clean clams crammed in clean cans.

45.) English

Six sick hicks nick six slick bricks with picks and sticks.

46.) English

Seventy seven benevolent elephants

(harder than it seems!)

47.) English

Santa’s Short Suit Shrunk

48.) English

Black background, brown background.

49.) English

Three short sword sheaths.

50.) English

Six slimy snails sailed silently.

51.) English

The great Greek grape growers grow great Greek grapes.

or even: Great Greek … Great Greek.. Great Greek…

52.) כמה חול יכול אדם לאכל בכל ימי החול אם בכל יום חול יכול אדם לאכל חצי קילו חול

ננסים מנוסים עושים ניסים בסין

גנן גידל דגן בגן, דגן גדול גדל בגן

שרה שמה שום בסושי
Sara sama shum basushi
Sarah puts garlic in the sushi.

בקבוק בלי פקק
Bakbuk bli pkak
A bottle without a plug.

אני לא מהמתמהמהים, אני מהמתמהמהות

זה אני me-זה מי ו who-זה הוא ו he-זה היא ו she
She zeh hee veh-he zeh hoo veh-who zeh mi veh-me zeh ahni
She means she, and he means he, and who means who, and me means me (translating English words to Hebrew).

טיטאת את התא? לא, לא טיטאתי את התא, תטאטא את התא אתה
Titehta et hata? Loh, loh titehti et hata, tehtateh et hata ata
Did you sweep the chamber? No, I didn’t sweep the chamber, you sweep the chamber.

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