Don’t forget to stop and smell the dandelions…

When he was 5 years old, McGarey was playing in the hills of the Ohio valley and he discovered a magnificent flower. It had a wonderful yellow face which magically changed after a few weeks to a fluffy white ball of seeds. It didn’t have much smell and yet he wondered about that bit of nature. His nose told him there was not much of an odor but an aroma of some sort did seem to be there. And he wondered “What can the dandelion be good for?”….

Most people think it’s a weed but it’s so much more. Anyone who studies herbal medicine knows that the dandelion is a highly respected herb, nutritious in its nature and used to clear obstructions from and to stimulate the liver to detoxify the system.

McGarey says: “I’ve found that perhaps the flower is there to catch one’s attention and thrill all those who are by nature inquisitive and investigative. I’ve found that most of nature is here for this purpose; to be used for aid and for help once its use is determined. The experience with the dandelion has proved to me that the commonplace things one tends to neglect in travels through the earth are often uncommon in their true value, so let’s always rememeber – even when we are grown and relatively sophisticated – to smell the dandelions.”

Source: McGarey 2011. The Oil That Heals.

beautiful and inspiring


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