Foods with Antioxidants

Antioxidants are a buzz word thrown around the media a lot but if you stop people on the street and dig a little in questioning them about what they are, you’re bound to get a fair number of confused and blank faces.

Antioxidants are a family of many different biochemicals that help fight oxidation in your body, a process which is damaging to body cells and DNA. In the antioxidant family are vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, manganese, lipoic acid and beta carotene, to name but a few. If I were to name them all we’d probably be here all day!

Because there are so many types of antioxidants which all have the similar function of protecting the body from harmful oxidation, scientists have devised a common scale which compares the antioxidant activity of antioxidants. This scale is the ORAC scale, and it reveals which antioxidant foods are most potent. You can check out foods with antioxidants and which are foods richest in antioxidants at this link:


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