To new ventures.. :)

I usually use this blog to collect quotes, inspiring things, or just funny things I find on the net, but I thought this is kinda a big thing that’s happening right now so I thought I’ll write about it.

Around the end of December, I launched a blog website, called (link: ) which I’m quite excited about. I feel like the articles I write on it are really in line with everything I’m passionate about: understanding life, understanding people – both biologically and psychologically and even culturally – and then, using all that knowledge to optimize our lives. I’m really enjoying researching the articles and writing them, and illustrating them. It’s like all my hobbies wrapped into one! 🙂 (Apart from the music hobby.. I won’t incorporate any of my composed music in the background – that may be going a bit too far!).

It’s all early days yet, and I have no idea how much this thing is gonna take off, but I do know I’m loving making it. And if I find these subject matters which I write about interesting and life-enriching, hopefully others will too! I feel like it has the potential for others to enjoy it.. although it’s hard to gauge sometimes from inside your own skin. Whether it ends up as just a hobby, or more – I’m excited to see where this journey goes! 🙂


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