Open minds, like buds opening into flowers

How easily do you accept new ideas and theories?

In order to accept or consider tehm you have to have an open mind;  unlocked by whatever king of key causes people to believe.

People with an open mind are either

(a.) born that way, with open minds


(b.) as babies, their minds are like little buds, and throughout life they are nurtured until their petals slowly open and prepare for the very nature of life to feed them. As the rain falls and the sun shines, they grow, grow, grow;

(c.) Some people’s minds open later in life, through tragedy or triumph. As if this is a key to unlatch and lift the lid on that box of “things I don’t know” where before, when it was closed you perhaps thought you had it all figured out. Now that this box is open, you accept the unknown.

– –

When you have an open mind:

– you go through life aware and accepting,

– you have the potential to see light where there’s dark,

– you have the potential of seeing possibility in dead ends,

– you have the potential for tasting victory as others spit out failure,

– you have the potential for questioning when others accept.

– You have the potential to be just a little less jaded, a little less cynical. A little less likely to throw in the towel.

People with cleosd minds:

Some people are merely a bunch of buds that never open, never flourish. They have the potential to flourish, but if they don’t try to nurture and open these buds, they can live with buds their whole life until they die.

Source:  paraphrased from Cecelia Ahern’s The Book of Tomorrow


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