Excerpt from frezned’s nanowrimo book

I know that if i bookmark this elsewhere it will get lost, so i’m posting it here to refer back to coz  I thought it was quite funny 🙂

– –

/Start quote:

“So how is uni? You’re still at uni?” she asks.

“Yeah. It’s going pretty well. We’ve wrapped up for the semester now obviously, but, yeah, it’s fine.”

“I thought Deakin switched to trimesters.”

“Oh, yes, they did, they just – I just still call them semesters out of habit.”

Celia nods. “Fair enough. Just, trimester means three, but semester means two – it doesn’t just mean ‘term’, they actually indicate how many segments there are.” There’s an awkward pause, which Celia fills with a laugh.

“I know,” you say. “I guess it just feels weird to say trimester. Makes me feel like someone ought to be pregnant.”

Celia laughs again, this time a bit more awkwardly. You hope that she didn’t interpret that to mean you want to have sex with her. You don’t. Well, you don’t NOT want to, you just don’t actively want to. Probably best to stop thinking about having sex with her immediately, before it registers on your face. Abort.

/end quote

Writer: Frezned

Source: http://www.nanowrimo.org/eng/user/200271


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