Anecdote: The Deer’s change of perspective

A deer came toa pool to drink and stopped to look at his image in teh water. When he saw his mighty antlers, teh deer swelled with pride. Then he looked and saw his elgs reflected in the water, and teh deer was sorry they appeared so scrawny, fragile, skinny and weak. He sighed and smiled as he spotted his antlers again.

While he was thinking, a lion suddenly ran right at him. The deer ran as fast as his little legs could carry him – and he outran the lion! For a deer’s strength is in his legs and a lion’s strength is in his heart.

Soon the deer ran until he reached a forest. He ran and ran as the lion was still on his heels.


The deer felt a jolt as his antlers got trapped between two tree branches. He tried to wiggle his head this way and that to escape, but to no avail.

The lion was approaching..

“How strange things are..” thought the deer “My scrawny legs almost got me to safety and my magnificent antlers cost me my life.”

Source: Greek fable of Aesop


– Things arent always what they seem

– For every weakness there may be a strength, and for every strength there is a weakness.

– Your perception is only one interpretation and it is not the all-encompassing Truth.


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