Anecdotes: The Turtle Who Talked

There was once a turtle who liked to talk. He talked all day and he talked all night in his sleep.

The turtle was friends with two geese, and one winter, when it was time for the geese to fly south, the turtle desperately wanted to go with them.

“It’s not fair!” he complained. “You get to fly off somewhere nice and warm for the winter while I have to stay here in this cold, miserable place. I want to go with you. Let me, please!”

“But you can’t fly,” said the geese. “Don’t worry, we’ll be back to see you again in the spring.”

“But I want to go with you now,’ said the turtle, “who will I talk to when you’re gone? I know! let’s get a stick. You can carry it between your two beaks and I can hang on to it with my mouth!” he said excitedly.

“Ok.. But there’s one problem,” said the bigger goose. “You must never open your mouth. You must keep it shut for the whole journey otherwise you’ll fall. Do you think you can do that?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” cried the turtle.

So the geese found a large stick, clamped it between their beaks and the turtle held onto it with his mouth.

As the two geese soared into the air, the turtle looked down and saw two children looking at the amazing sight in the sky.

“How smart those geese are!” exclaimed one of the children “They found a way to carry that turtle! They’re so clever!”

The turtle heard all of this and started fuming, thinking: “I’m the one who thought this up! Not the geese! I’m the one who is so smart!” He was so outraged that without thinking he opened his mouth to dispute the children’s words…
The poor turtle plummeted from the sky, crashing onto the rocks below and cracking his shell into many pieces.

Some say, even to this day, you can still see where the shattered and cracked pieces of the turtle’s shell have been joined together after his fall.

Moral of the story:  “Disaster can come from opening your mouth at the wrong time.” And also Pride comes before a fall. Sometimes, it’s really a good idea to keep your mouth shut, even if your pride depends on it.


Also How the Children Became Stars book

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