Love is not a poker chip or a bag of goodies that can
be given or witheld. If the love we seek has these qualtiies then it is
not real love.

cannot will ourselves to love ourselves or to love others. All we can
do paradoxically is to recognise the presence of love in ourselves and

Our own essence is the source of the love we seek beacuse it is an
expression of Divine love and therefore cannot be conditioned, witheld
or diminished.

Love is not a commodity. It is a part of our true nature and therefore is something we’ll always have and cannot lose.

We may develop blockages that effectively put a veil over this love so we dont notice it’s there, but it’s always there. What is in our power is to become aware of those blocakges so that our essentially loving nature can once again make itself felt.

Our job in life is to be open to the action of love.

(Riso & Hudson 1999. The Wisdom of the enneagram)


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