we stop to consider it, it is we who imbue the things that we value
with value. 

Perhaps being an actor seems a career of value because it gives us
our self-esteem, yet for
another person this same career might seem pointless or trivial. This
other person’s self-esteem might might depend on having a certain mount
of money in the
bank, or from having a job which makes them feel valuable because they
help heal others, or gain credits for coming up with new discoveries. 

Not only do values vary from person to person , but they also
change it he course of our own lives. Obviously, the one comon thread
in all of this is us. In effect we project  our own essential value
onto a job or a person or athing or an activity and then try to get th
sense of value back by having that thing. But it never quite works.

So what is true value?

The truth is value is in our being. We are valuable because we exist. 

idea flies in the face of popular culture which insists that we are only
valuable if we have a certain income or certain physical qualities or are
of a certain age or professional background. But all of these more
superficial understandings of value are substitutes created by the
personality that is out of touch with the ground of its Being – the
source of real value. Real value is in Being.

Source: (Riso & Hudson 1999. The Wisdom of the enneagram)


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