Interesting experiment about linking state of mind to stuff learned in that state

A team of experiemnters took a group of college senior psych majors and
got them drunk, a state, then taught them a math problem with a trick
embedded in it. You couldnt solve the problem unless you used the
trick. They practiced with the intoxicated students until everyone
could tdo the problem perfectly, then sent them home with isntructions
to come back in 3 days.

When the students returned sober, they were
given the problem to solve. None could solve it. The experiemtners
then got the stuednts drunk again – and surprise! every
one of them could solve the problem perfectly. This is a vivid example
of state-dependent learning. The state of intoxication was stored along
with the trick to solve the problem and was only retrievable when the
state was duplicated.

Source: Bryn Collins Emotional unavailability 1997


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