All souls are equally
valuable and worthwhile: They’re all equal because they’re all part of the whole, born out of the One, part
of God. Intrinsically at the soul-level we’re all equal.

Sure, different souls are at different stages of development. But each soul is still equally loveable: worthy of being loved. We’re all worthy of
love intrinstically.

To feel your own self-worth you need to let go of your judgemental ego which criticises, compares and analyses. To feel your own self-worth you need to be in tune with the part of you which is equal to everyone else: your soul. Be in tune with your soul’s joy and natural all-loving, peaceful state.

We are not defined by what we do in life. When
you die and your soul leaves your body, it no longer matters what you
did or didnt do in your life. What matters is the effect your life had on your soul and the state your soul is in: Hopefully, in each life, you learn a little more, and your soul grows more and more. Still equally worthy of love to all the other souls that have more or less knowledge than yours. Each soul
is the beautiful thing that is worthy and valuable.

Red heart Tx


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