Things people think about when their mind wanders..

– Birds flying by, the wind shifting direction, and any other random occurances which may temporarily satiate my attention deficit.

– wondering how come you can live in a city infested with pigeons and yet never seen a baby one! :/

– wondering.. if you admire and would like to
achieve similar things to someone say, I dunno, Bill Gates; if you emulate
their life, model yourself on them by trying to adopt their behaviour,
attitude, beliefs, life experiences and deepest values – would your life look
virtually identical to theirs?

– How to write a decent cursive r… you know, the type your
Grandmother is able to do.

– wondering what people from your long lost past are doing nowadays.. (ever
wondered whatever happen to that kid who always used to eat paper and chew on
his sleeve..? It’d be cool if he turned to to be a high-flying investment
banker or something?)

– wondering what *that* song is from *that* TV advert.. and wracking my brain
for bits and pieces of brokenly remembered lyrics and imagery in a vain attempt
to find it!

– wondering how stuff works in general, and why people do the things they do.

wouldn’t it be cool to be like a fishmoth, and be able to fall
off the ledge of your bath-tub, what must be the equivalent for a human to fall
off the empire state building, and still scamper off completely unscathed as if
nothing had happened?

– Where on earth does that little speck of
glitter you occasionally find on your face come from?

Given just how poisonous so much of that Japanese blowfish fugu is, which nutcase first
discovered that you could actually eat any of it and survive?


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