The Frog and the Bucket: a story of perseverence

A group of frogs hopped about a farm, and came
across a bucket of milk that the farmer had inadvertently left behind.
They dared each other to jump over the bucket, and they did, over and
over until one frog misjudged his jump and fell into the milk. He tried
to scramble out of the bucket but the sides were too slick and he still
fell back in, and outside he could hear the other frogs laughing at him. Not only was he in danger of drowning, but other frogs that he thought were his friends
were laughing about it! He was determined to get out, so he swam and
jumped and swam and jumped, and the more he tried, the more they
laughed at him. As he did so, all of his motions churned the milk until
it became butter, and when the butter was thick enough, the frog had
enough leverage to jump out and escape.

does this teach us? If you want something badly enough, you will
achieve it. No matter what happens, no matter what anyone says or tells
you, even if those that you thought were your friends tell you that ‘you can’t do it ’, you know that you can.

Source: Kent Sayre


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