Opposites & Attraction

Although logically, opposites attracting doesnt make sense, it often seems to work. A lot of people find that when asked what qualities they desire in a partner, they look for qualities similar to theirs. But in practice, their bodies may be signaling instinctual attraction to a very different type of partner.

People you find naturally attractive are the same people that can
help stimulate massive positive changes within you. Even if it doesn’t
logically seem like a great match, such partners can potentially be
very good for you — not always, but quite often. The more different you are from your partner, the more they can show you and teach you things that you werent aware of before.

A relationship isn’t an end goal. It’s yet another pathway to long-term growth.

Source: http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2009/05/attraction/


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