Instinct vs Intuition vs Intellect

Instinct: This is automatic and reactive. You don’t think, you just react/ feel an emotion. There’s no conscious thought here at all. Instinct can hold us back/ inhibit us when it warns us of a perceived threat by causing fear/ anxiety/ aggresion, when the situation isnt actually a threat in reality. Let go of instinctual feelings that don’t serve you, otherwise they just block your way. Play reduces negative emotions.

Intellect: This accesses conscious information. It is often involved in analysing things, judging things and ordering things in your mind. It is your self-consciousness. When you are in an intellectualizing state, you cannot take in new information/ observations because your brain is occupied processing your thoughts. Sometimes this is important. But other times, this blocks you from being in the moment. Sometimes you really need to let go of your intellect. When you block yourself by saying "no" to your own ideas before they can fully form, you are blocking intuition.

Intuition: This accesses both conscious and unconscious information simultaneously. It’s that gut feeling.  It allows you to form links thought intellectual thought wouldnt be able to make, allowing ideas to arise which you feel you arent totally responsible for sometimes.  You can’t control the intuitive mind. It comes to you, you don’t come to it. Intuition happens when you are in the moment, open, and observing the world around you. Clearing your mind of instinctual emotions and intellectual thought helps you access intuitive thought.  Play encourages intuition to flow.

Source: Alan Marriott


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