Why Hazing is done in fraternities?

In college, if you want to join a fraternity, this often involves "hazing", where those wanting to join the fraternity (the "pledges") have to undergo a bunch of embarrassing, demeaning tasks before they are accepted. This ritual of hazing may seem harsh, so why do these guys put up with it?

There is a psychological reason behind this! It is a very masculine trait to appear strong and not show weakness. Hazing does exactly the opposite – it exposes a guy at his most submissive and weak, and yet after this embarrassing period, you are still accepted into the fraternity as brothers. So by being accepted in spite of showing yourself at your weakest and your most vulnerable, makes the guys feel extremely close to their brothers in the fraternity.  Through hazing, a guy develops lifetime friends who saw him at his weakest and most vulnerable and accepted him anyway.

Hazing is the equivalent of what girls do when they expose their weaknesses by talking about them in order to get closer to their friends and loved ones.

Source: Deborah Tannen: Communication Matters


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