Poetry is meant language at its most authentic, effective and resonant.

We experience much of the world through language. Even things that can’t be put into words directly like the feeling you get when you ride on a bike and feel your insides rat-a-tat-tat as you speed over gravel, can be conveyed using certain rhythm and alliteration of words..

Rhythm, segregation into lines, metaphor etc. are not ornament, something added and inessential, but a means to a more exact commentary and expressive power.

In this sense, the ordinary language of commerce and the professions, as that of everyday speech, is a stunted, stripped down and abbreviated shadow of what language in all its glory should achieve.

Language and the use of it in writing may not change the world, but it can enable us to see life whole, with clarity and understanding.

To a trained ear — and an extended training is needed — there is nothing to match verse that lifts so readily into saying what is exact, evocative and moving. Prose by comparison seems a muddled and lumpy medium, where there is little to separate the good from the merely competent. Poetry displays its bloodline immediately, and if it is more difficult to write, its successes are infinitely the more worth having. 

Source: http://www.textetc.com/modernist/why-write-poetry.html


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