Why is monogamy the accepted way to go?

Theory 1: To ensure survival of the next generation!
If a man sleeps with many women, and has lots of children, he has to
spread his economical support between a lot of women and children, so
that each one is not well supported. Without enough support, in the
olden days before women could really work for themselves, if the man
didn’t support the woman and child, this meant that the women and
children were in a really bad position in terms of survival.

Theory 2: Harem theory
In the days of harems, one ruler had loads of women. And it was forbidden for anyone else to sleep with the ruler’s women. The motivation for keeping the women to themselves was to spread their seed in as many women as possible; to carry on their genetic line, and prevent others from doing it with these women. To seal the deal and protect their harems, they started laws promoting monogamy.

Source: David Deangelo


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