Interesting thought of the day

We admire the Universe because it is beyond our comprehension, it is bigger than us, it is a challenge to grasp, and in this there is an unattainable.. sense of admiration..I suppose this "admiration" for the Universe isn’t exactly the same as
the way we admire beauty or kindness. I wonder if there’s a better word
for it. hm.

But, if we, for want of a better word, admire the Universe for all these properties, why then do we not admire other things beyond our comprehension, such as understanding how people can tolerate their own ignorance, racism, intolerance, or other "negative" traits? and should we admire these traits for the unintelligable challenge they present?

sorry if this is a bit of a strange post. It’s after 3am.

I love talking to people to get strange new ideas 😉 Thanks for this John.


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