Russian Drinking Tips

How to drink vodka the Russian way:

The Russian way of drinking vodka "optimally", to achieve minimal drunkness, involves a complex array of breathing/ eating/ drinking combinations! Here is one example:

1. First tip is Start from the lightest alcohol during an evening and end with the
heaviest. Beer-Wine-Vodka is fine. Vodka followed by Beer is apparently
2. Before drinking, sniff a piece of pumpernickel bread. If no food is available, then sniff your shirt sleeve instead of the bread (Open-mouthed) or apparently, sniffing the nearest girl’s hair also works (!?). Then exhale quickly and completely.
3. Before inhaling again, down the shot all at once, then quickly (and still without inhaling) put some food in your mouth – a half a cherry tomato, a pickle, etc.(the act of eating straight after sniffing is called zakuska). Always eat something with a shot.
4. NOW you may inhale.

Sources: Leonid;;


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