Freedom means that one is responsible for one’s own choices, actions, one’s own life sitaution.

You are free to be the author of your own life design.

We are free to be anything,

The only thing we are unfree about, is that we are condemned to freedom.

Being free to be anything we want to be, yet accepting responsibilit for everything we want to be that we are not, is where anxiety dwells.

There has to be a realisation at some stage that we must assume responsibility for everything we desire to do/ be, which we do / are not. And after this stage of realization and contemplation must come a time for action. And action requires will and decision, which you are free to utilize.

Decisions are difficult sometimes. The root of the word decide means "slay", as you slay off the other options. Slaying options can seem harsh and self-limiting. Yet making decisions is essential for embarking on a clearly defined path in life, and for striving for personal satisfaction. Even if you make some decisions you dislike making, you can always make new decisions to help rectify the situation.

Utilize your freedom to be the best you can be.
No-one else can do it for you.

Source: Irvin Yalom. Love’s Executioner


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