The Jnani way

The jnani wouldn’t say: "I’m tired". They’d observe "There is tiredness in the body".
The two attitudes make a huge difference to how you feel.
The thoughts affect the body, so if you say "I’m tired" or "I’m in pain" that is what you create.
When you observe what is going on, you don’t identify yourself with it, and so you don’t instigate a chain reaction of thoughts and emotions which then affect how you feel.
The jnani detaches themselves from the situation and don’t identify themselves with the action, thought or emotion none of this is real. Their true self is something beyond this. To be real is to be permanent.
Disturbing thoughts will soon disappear if you observe them and let them go.

We are all already enlightned but due to false identification with thoughts of "I am […]" we obscure enlightenment.

Observe, acknowledge and move on, maintaining a peaceful mind.

– Sumukhi Finney


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