Origin of Weekday names

Each of the 24 hours of the day was though to be "ruled" by one of these 7 planets.

According to Neugebauer, this is also the arrangement of the planets that was used most often in Hindu astronomy.  From this we get the names of the days in the week:

Latin French Saxon English

Sun Dies Solis Dimanche Sun's day Sunday
Moon Dies Lunae Lundi Moon's day Monday
Mars Dies Martis Mardi Tiw's day Tuesday
Mercury Dies Mercurri Mercredi Woden's day Wednesday
Jupiter Dies Jovis Jeudi Thor's day Thursday
Venus Dies Veneris Vendredi Frigg's day Friday
Saturn Dies Saturni Samedi Seterne's day Saturday

Mardi became Tuesday because the god Tiw was identified with Mars.

Mercredi became Wednesday because Wodin (or Odin) was one of the principal gods in Scandinavian and Teutonic mythology, and he seems to have somehow become identifiedwith the Roman Mercurius.

Jeudi became Thursday becauseThe Germanic god Thor is similar to Jupiter, in the sense of being regarded as the "main" god in most northern Europeancountries.

Vendredi became Friday because in Scandinavian/ Teutonic mythology Frigg was the wife of Odin, and likened to Venus.

Source: http://www.mathpages.com/home/kmath138.htm


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