no need to plan going out…

A lot of people think that proper “going-out” has to be planned in
advance. You have to have people to go out with, and a place to go
to, and something meaningful to do, otherwise it wouldn’t be
worthwhile. But by thinking like this you may be missing out on so many opportunities. If you go
to the theater or cinema on your own, and on a spur, and find
people to just start chatting with while you’re there – by the entrance door or while standing in line. The more people you chat to when you’re out and about, the more likely you are to bump into them next time you go out on your own without a place to go or something meaningful to do, and the more likely you are to find something meaningful just happens.

When you open up your world like that, within a couple of months, you just may find you can’t go outside without running into
people you know.

If you like that kinda thing!



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