I really do wonder what a world without sense of sight would be like.

I wonder if your choice of most people’s mates would be very different.
I wonder if your choice of friends would be different.

I’m sure sight is definitely a gift. It’s just people’s interpretation of that gift that can lead to an incomplete look at the whole picture that is a person. I know it’s based on biological evolutionary reasons to look at people in a positive light if they look like they are healthy, durable, likely to have good genes and live long lives, but surely our brains are evolved enough to look at the whole picture and not just live by our evolutionary programming…? goshdarn these strong evolutionary urges!! I dunno though – maybe I’m missing something here. Maybe there’s good reason for these evolutionary urges – but I can’t see it. It seems outdated to me.

I wonder if it’s ever possible for the world to become less vain, and make choices and decisions about people unbiased by visible appearance, even if we are blessed with this wonderful gift that is sight.


Maybe in a world without sight, we’d become really biased about other senses. Like we’d place greater importance on what a person sounded like.. or smelled like!! Maybe it’s quite hard to get away from judgement about people when you live in a social world, where you want to make the best choices in who you choose to interact with, and it’s only natural to make use of every possible input/ piece of evidence. Even if its not  entirely reliable evidence. You can’t really blame people for wanting the best for themselves. But if what you think is best for yourself is based on unreliable evidence… you can end up missing out on a good thing… 

– – –

On a side note, I wonder why other creatures with the gift of sight dont try, in whatever limited means they have available to them, to alter their outward image using artificial means as much as humans do in order to alter their status in their world. Especially the well-mentally-developed animals. How many female chimps have you seen try to put a flower in their fur to make themselves pretty? or how many dolphins have you seen stick ornamental sea sponges or fronds of seaweed into their blowholes to stand out visually from the crowd? why is it just humans?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. pou
    Oct 05, 2009 @ 23:52:43

    A scary glimpse at a world without sight : I liked some parts of that movie… it makes you happy to be able to see!


  2. L1
    Oct 08, 2009 @ 21:46:57

    I’ve seen that movie.. looks like a nightmare!! Another experience to try is "Dans le Noir" – apparently that’s an interesting experience that makes you appreciate your sight too..


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