BIG food..

Largest plate of hummus:

Record holder: Hummus Tzabar Location: Jerusalem, Israel Date: May 8, 2008

Market-goers at the Mahaneh Yehuda market
in Jerusalem tucked into tons of lemony chickpea dip
from the largest single plate of hummus "Yom Haatzmaut" 2008.

Largest Burger:

Record holder: Mallie’s Sports Bar & Grill Location: Southgate, Michigan Date: July 31, 2008

It only takes 24 hours’ notice and a mere $400, and you too can enjoy sitting down to a
world-record-breaking "Absolutely Ridiculous Burger" at Mallie’s Sports
Bar in small-town Michigan. The 134-pound burger (post-cooking weight),
topped with cheese, bacon, and all the fixings, is housed in a giant
50-pound bun and measures two feet in diameter. The record-breaker
joins the ranks of Mallie’s other big burgers, which weigh in at 12, 6,
and 1/2 pounds.

Largest gingerbread house

Record Holder: Roger Pelcher Location: Mall of America, Bloomington, Minnesota Date: November 22, 2006

The  largest gingerbread house was constructed
in the largest mall in the United States: The Mall of America. (Seven Yankee Stadiums could
fit inside the Mall of America!) The gingerbread house measured more
than 67 feet tall, and it took Pelcher and his team nine days to
construct the 1,496-square-foot confection.

Largest Cheesecake

Record Holder: Chef Miguel Angel Quezada Location: Mexico City, Mexico Date: January 25, 2009

Topped with strawberries and yielding 20,000 slices, the world’s
biggest cheesecake was created by a team of pastry chefs in Mexico City.

Though no previous record had been set, chef Miguel Angel Quezada
and a team of 55 chefs are likely to hang on to the Guinness World
Record for World’s Biggest Cheesecake for the foreseeable future. It
can’t have been easy to orchestrate the massive baking project, which
called for almost a ton of both cream cheese and yogurt, 772 pounds of
pastry, 551 pounds of sugar, and 331 pounds of butter.

After 60
hours of labor, the team of Mexican chefs unveiled the two-ton
cream-cheese colossus, which yielded 20,000 slices that were handed out
around Mexico City.


BIG Sushi
Source: 23/12/08 post

BIG Pizza

On December 8th, 1990, Pick
‘n’ Pay hypermarket in Johannesburg, South Africa made a pizza
measuring 37.4 meters in diameter. It’s said to have been made using 500 kg of flour, 800 kg
of cheese and 900 kg of tomato paste.


BIG Cookie

BIG Cupcake

Location: Covent Garden, London, UK  Date: July 16, 2009

The baked behemoth measured 2 metres by 1.25 metres, and provided around 2,000 slices of it.


BIG matzah ball!
Weighing 267 pounds and made from 1,000 eggs, 80 pounds of margarine,
200 pounds of matzah meal, and 20 pounds of chicken base, the giant
matzah ball easily set the Guinness record. The ball, which stood three
feet high, was baked by Noah’s Ark Original Deli
in an oversized kitchen in New Jersey and then given a police escort to
Manhattan where it was unveiled and then devoured by a waiting crowd.

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