Changing your beliefs

Belief/ attitude –> affects your potential –> affects what actions you make –> affect the results you get –> affect your beliefs/ attitudes

So how do you change your beliefs to make this whole cycle a positive one?
1.) Repeat to yourself the belief you want to reach. Repetition helps chisel it into you. And repeat it to yourself with your mind and body. (back to the emotion comes from motion concept..) "Yes I can!" It worked for Obama!
2.) You can change a belief by having a new experience that shatters the old belief. If there’s something you think is impossible, but then you manage to do it – you realise you can lots of things. eg If you can do a firewalk on coals, or skydive, surely you have the courage to do something like ask out that cute girl you’ve had your eye on.. 
3.) Visualization can change a belief. If you see yourself reach your goal in your minds eye clearly, it improves your chances of getting the result you desire, because it affects your attitude and belief. Sports people use this technique a lot. It works because the mind doesnt know the difference between something it vividly imagines and something that actually happens.


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