Body over Mind over Matter

Emotions dont just happen to you. You do them.  You do them by the way you use your body, and what you focus your mind on. Where focus goes, energy flows. And you need to have both these factors: a certain physiology/ body positioning and focus of mind in order for emotion to happen. If body positioning and focus of mind contradict one another, they are gonna cancel each other out.

The body teaches the mind what to feel more than the mind does.
So it’s not necessarily just mind over matter, as much as body over mind over matter!

Emotion is created by motion. The way you move determines the way you feel.

your posture, the position of your shoulders, how straight you hold
your back, the way you carry your head, the way you look at a person –
is it through narrowed eyes? wide eyes? front on? side on? where do you
place your hands as you sit/ stand? how you place your feet? What’s the
volume and tone of your voice, the speed in which you talk, the way you
let the muscles of your face contract/ relax, the way you breathe – are
they deep or shallow breaths? are your movements smooth and confident
or hesitant? – How you move will all literally change the way you feel
by biochemical and physiological changes. So change the way you use
your body to gear yourself up to feel good, and confident and
successful. That’s where success starts.

So emotions happen depending on what you do with your body and mind. So if you’re feeling sad, how do people get out of this state?
Some people resort to retail therapy. They are doing exactly what is required to change their own emotions: They are changing their body positioning by getting out, walking around (ie changing the way they use their body from the depressed foetal position) and focusing their mind on the beautiful expensive things in the shops around them instead of on their problems. They start to feel differently as they are no longer wallowing in the negative emotion.
Other people eat to get out of a bad emotional state.
Other people drink alcohol or take drugs to change their negative state.
There are better ways of dealing with negative emotions. All you have to do is consciously alter body positioning and focus without indulging in these destructive things.

Walk like a champion, talk like a champion, think like a champion, *believe* you are a champion, be a champion.



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