What is spirituality?

Spiritual matters regard humankind’s ultimate nature and purpose, as spirits with an eternal relationship beyond the bodily senses, time and the material world. The spiritual is contrasted with the physical, matter and the temporary. Spirituility involves a connection to a reality which is greater than the physical world and oneself.  In going beyond the physical world, spirituality matters are based on the idea that there exists something, be it a
state of mind, a being, or a place, that is outside the experience of
our five limited senses.

Spiritual matters involve an effort to reject, limit or transcend our senses, ego and physical needs. Connecting with spirituality often involves development of the individual’s inner life through practices such as meditation and prayer, including the search for God, the supernatural, a divine influence, or information about the afterlife.

Spirituality is linked to "the spirit". The spirit is colorless and genderless.
It is in all of us. Deep inside. So, spirituality is something you feel from deep within.It is linked to your inner-voice and gut instincts. It is linked with intuition.The essence of spirituality is the search to know our true selves, to
know our spirits, to discover the real nature of consciousness. Our true spiritual selves are free from ego and from the false sense of identity we get from
what we have, or what we do from our possessions, our role in the
world, how others see us, etc.Our true sense of self is the sense of "I-ness" – the "I" which doesnt change even when your behaviour, personality traits and life stages change. Since this sense of true self is so strong, stable, constant, and independent of anything that happens in life, it is a source of inner strength, calm and security. In many spiritual teachings this connection to the true self results in what is called "self-liberation", which allows us to become less self-centered, less needy of the other’s approval or recognition,
less needy of collecting possessions and social status, and become
happier, healthier and more loving people.

Sources: Wikipedia; http://alternativespirituality.suite101.com/article.cfm/whatisspirituality; http://www.peterrussell.com/Weaver/WeaverSpirituality.php


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