Finding yourself

If you want to find yourself,
but you’re told that in order to find yourself, you need to change.
Doesn’t that mean that when you do find yourself, you’ll be someone else?

Isn’t it better to find yourself first and then make modifications to make you a better person?

Can you find yourself without making major steps which change who you are?

I dunno.

To find out certain things about yourself you need to be put through certain situations.
Like, the people who went through a war, didn’t know their own strength until they were forced by the situation. So they only found their strength when circumstances demanded it.


Maybe the only way to find yourself is to put yourself in certain situations. But do you really want to go through the wars to discover certain things about yourself? I suppose it’s all a matter of perspective. You don’t want to go off and join the army necessarily to test your abilities and strength.. (although some do) but you may do it in a less extreme way. Whatever that is. Like maybe volunteering to be a member of St John’s ambulance or going to Africa to help build a school for kids there or something – these situations test you too. And as a pleasant side effect to finding yourself you’ll be helping others too.

And finding youself isnt over-rated. It’s worth the pain and struggle. Coz once you uncover your direction, your beliefs, your passions – it’ll make life so much richer and even more worth living than it may seem right now.


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