A virtue is a character trait or quality valued as being good.

Personal virtues are characteristics valued as promoting individual and collective well-being, and thus good by definition.

In the Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle defined a virtue as a balance point between a deficiency and an excess of a trait. For example, courage is the mean between cowardice and foolhardiness, confidence the mean between self-deprecation and vanity, and generosity the mean between miserliness and extravagance.

Individual virtues can be grouped into one of four categories of values:

  • Ethics (good, moral, right, permissible)
  • Aesthetics (beautiful, balanced, pleasing, pleasant, agreeable)
  • Doctrinal (political, ideological, religious or social beliefs and values)
  • Innate/Inborn (inborn values such as reproduction and survival)

Examples of virtues include:

  • Talent, ability, wisdom, intelligence,
  • Non-judgementalism & acceptance
  • Selflessness: altruism,
  • Agreeable traits: balance, beauty, benevolence, cleanliness, contentment, cooperativeness, courteousness, flexibility, forgiveness, friendliness, gentleness, happiness, joyfullness, kindness, lovingness, optimism, patience, peacefulness, non-violence, openness, morality, understanding, Ease of manner,
  • Candor, honesty, openness, sincerity, earnestness.
  • Consideration for others: appreciation, caring, compassion, empathy, encouragement, sympathy, helpfulness, hospitality, mercy, thankfulness, thoughtfulness, sensitivity, understanding, respectfulness, tact, discretion, Universality: Showing tolerance and respect for everyone, everything and the way of the Universe.
  • Assertiveness, confidence, proactivity, self-respect, personal pride, A sense of self-worth
  • Generosity, charity, sharing, giving, philanthropy
  • Reliability: commitment, dependability, responsibility (moral & social)
  • courage, Valor, bravery
  • creativity, imagination, inventiveness
  • determination, attention, focus, diligence, industriousness, perseverance
  • discernment
  • endurance, resilience
  • enthusiasm, passion
  • fairness, impartiality,
  • faithfulnessm loylty, fidelity
  • foresight
  • fortitude, strength
  • Humour
  • independence
  • integrity
  • intuition
  • self-discipline, Strength of mind, the ability to stick to one’s purpose, self-control.

* autonomy* awareness*  caution* * chastity* consciousness* curiosity* * detachment*  equanimity* equity* excellence* faith* , fitness*  health, health-minded* * honesty* honor* hopefulness* * humility* * idealism* innocence* loyalty* * moderation* modesty* * nonviolence* nurturing* obedience*  philomathy* piety* potential* prudence* purity* purposefulness* * rememberance * reverence* * restraint* self-awareness* self-confidence* * self-reliance*  * service* * * spirituality* * tactfulness* temperance* tenacity* * trustworthiness* truthfulness* unity

Source: Wikipedia


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