Scott H Young says that Conformity is one of the 4 rules people follow.

The tendency to herd is there for a reason. It allows us to exist,
if not prosper. There’s safety and security in being part of the herd.
The people who leave the herd tend to have opprobrium* heaped on them by
the rest of the the herd.

You can’t do that.;That’s dangerous.;Everyone knows you can’t do that; Everyone knows that’s not true.; No one will like you if you do that.;I don’t understand you.;It’s wrong.

Often, those who leave the herd do
suffer from their waywardness. They suffer physically. They suffer
economically. They suffer socially. Usually, they wander off into the
darkness, never to be seen again.

But sometimes, they return and manage to
change the direction of the herd, even if just a little bit. And in changing the herd’s direction, they can potentially help make the group’s life that much better (or worse – depending on the direction! Hopefully it will be better!). And so evolution progresses in a positive direction because of those pioneering non-conformists. Non-conformity and individuality is the route towards a potentially better world.


* [Side note: opprobium: word of the day.. 😉 = obloquy: state of disgrace resulting from public abuse ]


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