What does it mean?

Is it just one absolute, difinitive thing – or is it subjective?

Is it my truth? Your truth? Someone else’s truth? Universal truth?

Can something be true simply because we believe it to be – or does it have to be proven first?

What if we believe something to be true – but it is not – then what is it? And what if something is true, but has yet to be proven – does that mean it’s not true? And in reverse, when something which was once believed to be true is later proven not to be – then, what was it? Was it ever really true?

I believe that truth
stands alone, and on its own, in its entirety – whether or not we are
aware of its validity – or even of its existence. Given this,
everything else is either a misconception or a lie.

human beings believe lots of lies. We believe them because we are too
lazy to spend the time or energy necessary to find out whether or not
they are true.

Truth can only be obtained by sound investigation of
the facts.
To believe the words of others before we have taken
the time to evaluate their validity for ourselves – is a disservice to
us all.

However we are limited by some of our methods of
investigation as of yet.
I expect that there are infinite truths in this world and in others of which we have no conscious knowledge, and I wonder if some truths we will ever uncover.



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