Thursdays with Cori

Cori’s Life lessons:

1.) Question Everything
If there is a fence, question the fence. Why is it there? Should it be there? Should you jump over it?

Question social norms, rules, people’s intentions.Most people are inherently selfish and do things for themselves, and
not for others. Try to see things from a different perspective and
search for alterior motives.

Never accept things for what they are blindly. And never assume that authority is doing things for the people’s best interest. Question the actions of the people in authority.  Look outside the box. Trust nothing without questioning it first.

2.) Always seek the best.
Never settle for suboptimal. You are disrepecting yourself and others if you do not seek the best for yourself and others. Suboptimal can never equal whole and total happiness, so why settle for it? Aim high.

3.) Whilst we are here, why not make the world heaven on earth? We are in control of our own reality.
Why wait until we’re in heaven when we can make our world heaven? We have only one life, so we should invest it in making it the best possible life we can for all of us. This means treating everyone with respect, love and understanding. It means living optimally and efficiently, and above all with love, and always seeking to eliminate any problems. It means not letting corruption from purity, due to things like money, greed, selfishness, power interfere with the attainment of heaven on earth.

4.) Respecting one another is vital to happiness. Love your neighbour, respect your neighbour. We should all reach out to one another more. Why stick to imaginary barriers like letting the fact someone is a stranger prevent you from reaching out to them and connecting?

5.) Liberty is vital to happiness. Have the freedom of choice, freedom of thinking and freedom from rules and auhotirty.

All credit for the following ideas go to Cori. These are my paraphrased/ rehashed versions of them but all seeds of these ideas come from him. Sharing the knowledge….


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. pou
    May 16, 2009 @ 22:51:39

    This Cori sounds like a living God. Really ;)a- Before looking outside the box, I’d even say ‘Understand how the box was made’.b- Eliminate problems, but by preventing them ("Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them" Einstein).c- I wouldn’t insert ‘Love thee neighbour’ to my law tables… Love is such a complexe feeling, I am not sure we should strive to feel that for everyone, not sure if that’s even possible. Plus, we can’t necessarily decide to ‘feel’ at will. We can, however, impose to ourselves to respect everyone.d- Freeing yourself starts with a battle from within yourself. Fight your education, fight your parents, fight your morals, then fight the system. Questioning your daily routine should be part of your daily routine. That’s how you fight with yourself, and eventually win the prize I call freedom.e- Keep smilin’!


  2. L1
    May 17, 2009 @ 00:18:56

    Living God eh? I’m shocked you’d think so :p Brilliant comments – thank you 🙂 I was struggling to remember the Einstein quote – I liked it the first time I heard it !


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