Money – why did it ever catch on?

This earth, and everyone and every living thing on it – was, is, and will always be put here by the powers-that-be – for free. This was, and is done, I believe, so that every living being can live
and learn whatever lessons that being has to learn in its lifetime. The
air exists for all to breathe. The food grows for all so that all may
eat. Animals are born and become part of a food chain that began
billions of years ago. Plants grow and create oxygen and bear fruit for
all to eat. The ground is a life sustaining bed from which vegetables
and grains and even cotton to clothe ourselves can grow for all. And
all of this is given to this Earth and everyone and everything on it
for free. There is no charge, no fee, no payment of any form which is
asked for by the creator/God/powers-that-be to be paid by any of the
inhabitants of this Earth.

So, why is it that survival is so expensive?
Just who was it that decided that all the life sustaining gifts that
are so generously given to us from the universe needed to be
owned-sold-bought-and-paid-for by human beings? And why the hell did
everyone go along with such a crazy thing? It was free. It is free

This Earth, all the land from one side to the other – is and will always be. So what gives any human being the audacity to believe they can ever own even an ever so minute piece of it? This Earth was here long before any human ever came
here, and it will be here in some form long after every last human has
been banished from its vast greatness. So, how can we own any piece of it?

Why should you or anyone else have to buy it from some other human
who never had the right to claim ownership of it in the first place?
It’s crazy. It’s just crazy.

In my clearly unrealistic non-earthly utopian
dreamworld everything is free. Everything belongs to everyone and
everyone has everything they will ever need given to them by the grace
of a beautiful and loving universe. Given that availability is infinite (which it can be in a utopian world..) if everything is freely available – it would eliminate a lot of jealousy and greed too hopefully, not to mention suffering from hunger, lack of shelter or lack of medicine.  There will be no theft because there is
nothing to steal when everything is freely available.

Human beings starve on this earth because other human
beings who claim ownership to its land will not feed them without being
paid. People are homeless because other human beings claim ownership of
its land and will not allow other human beings to walk, sleep or live
on that land without making payment. This is absurd. And this is not, the way nature intended.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. L1
    May 14, 2009 @ 12:05:07

    I personally doubt if humans would ever be able to sustain a world where everything is free – because:a.) Freedom only works if resources were infinite. And as far as I know, they’re not.b.) People aren’t equal. Some are lazier than others. Some work harder. And someone would need to work in order to provide some basic things like food. Someone has to grow the stuff. If everything was free, would that mean we’d all have to grow our own stuff? Wouldnt it be inevitable that someone would rather not, and let someone else do it for them… and then he’d need to give them something in return… and barter leads to money… its inevitable. hm.


  2. pou
    May 16, 2009 @ 22:37:39

    a) Is it about ressources being infinite, or us being able to generate enough energy? As far as I know, the Sun will ‘always’ shine (and keep producing wonderful sundrops 😉 )b) Does ‘Stuff need to grow’ implies ‘Someone has to grow the stuff’? I like to believe it can be solved with ‘Machines can grow the stuff’, which enables people to be as lazy as they wish, which makes everything free, which get rid of the concept of marketplace, which makes the use of money… possible. hm!


  3. L1
    May 17, 2009 @ 00:11:56

    a.) Yes true about the energy! and the sundrops.. 🙂 But some resources are like " amount of fertile land " in order to grow food.. which is finite unless we invest a lot of effort to create artificial conditions for it. b.) Machines – the answer to everthing.. ! And then machines to maintain the machines.. and somewhere along the chain humans need to check up on the machines.. and they need to barter their time and effort for something. Ok I dunno – maybe you can do without money – But you can’t really do without barter/ fair exchange of effort and work. Which is maybe better than money – but once you start tagging value to work – it’s not a step too far from money. I dunno. I really need to think more clearly before posting messages on here.. 🙂


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