The things kids say… on Love & related matters

"No one is sure why it happens, but I heard it has something to do with
how you smell. That’s why perfume and deodorant are so popular."
Mae, age 9

"Never kiss in front of other people. It’s a big embarrassing thing if anybody
sees you. But if nobody sees you, I might be willing to try it with a handsome
boy, but just for a few hours." — Kally, age 9

"Once I’m done with kindergarten, I’m going to find me a wife."
Tom, age 5

"When a person gets kissed for the first time, they fall down,
and they don’t get up for at least an hour." — Wendy, age 8

"I know one reason kissing was created. It makes you feel warm all over,
and they didn’t always have electric heat or fireplaces or even
stoves in their houses." — Gina, age 8

"See if the man picks up the check. That’s how you can tell if
he’s in love." — John, age 9

"Why do couples hold hands? They are just practicing for when they might have to walk down the
aisle someday and do the holy matchimony thing." — John, age 9



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