Weird Stats and Facts: On Habits

It has been determined that it takes approximately 21 days to break an old, destructive habit or form a new, positive habit.

No amount of will power is of any use unless we really want to give up old habits. Most of the time we want to get rid of their painful effects but are
not willing to give up the habits themselves.

For example: The reason most diets fail after a short time is that the dieter starts feeling deprived. He has the desire to lose weight; to look and feel better, but he has no desire to give up overeating.

Steps for changing habits:

  1. Admitting to having the habit without guilt or judgement
  2. Substitute bad habits with alternative positive ones, using positive thoughts and actions. Substitution prevents feelings of deprivation and keeps your mind off what has been taken from you.
  3. Observe your actions and note every time you fail to do what your promise. If you go off track, try not to criticise yourself but just allow yourself the make the necessary correction for next time.
  4. Keep a record for at least 21 days.

– Robert Anthony


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