What your choice of friends reveals about you…

The friends you choose reveal something about you. In a very simplistic way, you can look at a person in terms of categories like physical attractiveness, sense of humour, education, wealth etc. If we view education as very important,
we may assign more points to this category making it more likely that our
friends or our mate will have more education.  If we view wealth as
more important then we will be more likely to find a mate who has more


rate ourselves on these same categories and, at least at some level, know
our score.  We tend to then pick friends and partners who have a
similar score that we do.  Hence an attractive person hangs with other
attractive people; or a wealthy older man gets the beautiful younger woman. 

Think about your friends and how you would rate them in these categories to
find out what is important to you.

Source: http://allpsych.com/psychology101/attribution_attraction.html


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