There’s no such thing as selflessness

“Live for your own sake, not for any other, and do not expect any one to live for you.”

"However much one might talk about being selfless, the truth is
that there is no such thing as selflessness. Being selfish is the only way
to be! Whatever a person does, he does it for
himself. A person says he’s being selfless when he does something for
someone else with nothing for himself seemingly gained. But the very fact
that he’s doing it means it makes him happy, so the fact is that he’s
doing it for himself. Of course there’ll be many takes on this issue.
But the truth is that any action taken by a man, is for himself. If there is a self, there’s self-interest, and there’s no selflessness."

Other people believe selflessnes is a higher state that is attainable by very few. It is a level of maturity that most humans don’t reach.


Inspired by the book: Atlas Shrugged.

(see also:


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