Eckhart Tolle: All is One

All is One: There is only one absolute
Truth, and all other truths emanate from it.

All life-forms are temporary manifestations of the underlying one Life.

Beyond form and ego, in Being, all are equal.

In form, you are and will always be inferior to some,
superior to others.
[Some may have more money than you, be better looking, have
more cool possessions, have more friends, be more generous, be happier etc]

In essence, you are neither inferior nor superior to anyone.
True self-esteem and true humility arise out of that realization.
In the eyes of the ego, self- esteem and humility are contradictory. In truth,
they are one and the same.

Underneath the surface appearance, everything is not only connected with
everything else, but also with the Source of all life out of which it came.
Death is the great equalizer… dust is dust.

All structures
(forms) are unstable, even the seemingly solid material ones.
But we all
have a formless dimension – in humans this is the consciousness, the awareness –
which is independent of our form.

Jesus called this formless
dimension that is beyond structure that which gives “eternal life” because it
is beyond death.

Each thing, even if it’s an inanimate thing, has Beingness. It is a temporary
form that has its origin within the formless one Life, the source of all
things, all bodies, all forms. 

All is One, and this applies within the subcategory of human beings, most of us
lack the sameness of bearing before all human beings, whether beggar or king. It
is difficult to look through social roles and conceptual identities and see the
sameness of being in every human. It is difficult to look through age too.
The fact that you temporarily know more or that you
are bigger does not mean the child is not your equal.


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