Memories & Experiences

It’s funny what we remember when we look back over the years….. a lot is deleted, some is faded.. and some is vivid.
What governs what we remember? What makes an experience memorable?
I suppose the most vivid memories are things that were most interesting/ fun/ exctiing/ traumatic.. although then there are those weird memories of seemingly minor and insignificant things too, like remembering your favourite kids tv shows, or remembering doing cartwheels on the lawn… or remembering a smell, a sight, a feeling, a taste.
Do memories define who you are now to some degree? Are one person’s memories more worthy than anothers if they’ve experienced more exciting things? And what makes an experience meaningful?
If one person has memories of amazing experiences, does that make them a more fulfilled person than a person whose most amazing experience is of their favourite kids tv show? I suppose experiences you’ve had govern the richness of your life. And the richer your experiences, the more opportunities you’ve had to learn from them (where I believe learning is essential in becoming a more fulfilled person). But experiencing something doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll learn from it. So the person whose greatest experience is watching a kids tv show may get more from that show than someone whose just skydived or something, if the former’s frame of mind is geared towards learning whilst the latter’s is not. I dunno. I think I’m rambling.

Anyway! The point is…
I resolve to put myself out there and seek out amazing, meaningul, life-enriching experiences in the future… and to learn from each and every one.


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