Are there certain essential qualities needed in order to connect with someone on the deepest level?
Here’s my 2 cents on what I think is required in order to truly connect deeply and truly (this applies to any sort of relationship I think, from family to friends to lovers):

  1. Awareness and sensitivity to understand one another. Listen to each other because you care and want to, and because they are that important to you that you want to ensure their happiness.
  2. True whole and mutual acceptance of each other. There may be judgement but there is acceptance no matter what the judgemenet is.
  3. Some common basic life principles and values are essential to allow you to relate and to understand one another
  4. Truth and honesty (leaving room for tact too though)
  5. Being able to express your thoughts and feelings openly and completely without holding back (again leaving room for tact and appropriateness where applicable)
  6. Love: The feeling that allows you to whole-heartedly care, be interested, be sympathetic, compassionate and loving.


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