The 4 Planes of Man

There are 4 planes of man: Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual

Each plane is governed by the one
above it:

Physical body is governed by the emotions
There are many experiments where you subjects patients to emotions
like grief or anger or depression etc and you can see the corresponding number of white blood cells decrease in number. We lower our
immunity depending on how we feel. There are many things
in the body that thrive when your immune system is down.
This principle is behind the idea that you can die of a broken heart.

Emotions are governed by mental

Some emotions are instinctual and not driven by mental thought on a conscious
level. But most of the time your emotions are driven by how you think.
eg stress is brought on by thinking about how it’s hard for you to deal with a situation
eg depression is often brought on by worrying
about the past
eg anxiety often brought on by worrying about what might happen in the future

Mental attitude is governed by Spiritual state
The spiritual level is governed by a lot of things including upbringing, life experiences and your inner resources of dealing with life.
The spiritual level is like hardware and the other
3 levels are like software.
Nevertheless, it
is possible to wipe a hardware clean…!

Our spiritual state affects how we think. And how we think affects how we feel. How do you change the way you think? Thinking differently takes a shift in
consciousness. This is the hardest change a person can make, and often it comes involuntarily rather than voluntarily. It’s often beyond our control.

Putting all these together:

If you have a shift in consciousness
you can change your mental state of how you think. If you change how you think,
you change how you feel (emotions), and if you change how you feel you can change
your physical wellness.

– Rudolph Steiner


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