Is there such a thing as a waste of time?

I was just thinking… it’s so easy to get carried away thinking about the big picture, and the important things in life, and it sometimes seems overwhelming. It sometimes seems like those big things are unattainable.

Big picture: you want happiness, good relationships, a good job, maybe you want financial freedom, maybe you want certain skills etc etc… All seem like good goals to have.

But it’s the little, sometimes seemingly insignificant steps that are needed to get there.
For example, you can’t have a good relationship with someone without sometimes just chilling out and talking about seemingly insignicant nonsence. In the moment, if you think about that little nonsense conversation in the big picture, it seems like a waste of time.. but that little moment is used to build a sense of comfort around each other, and contributes towards building a relationship that may be great. But what if for example, you had that nonsence conversation with
someone, and you never actually build a good relationship with them..
will that conversation have then been a waste of time? I suspect that even those will have been a useful experience in some way too.
In the moment, you may think that it’s a waste of time watching some fun TV show that really doesnt give you anything in particular, apart from maybe a chuckle for 20 mins or so – but that little step of taking some time to just switch off the brain and just have fun, may be important in contributing towards a sense of happiness.

I’m starting to think that there is no such thing as a waste of time.


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  1. Unknown
    Aug 21, 2008 @ 18:01:29

    there isnt a waste of time, as long as you are wise you learn from everything


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