Together Apart..

You know, I really don’t understand why a person can feel lonely when they are surrounded by people who they love/ like and who love/ like them. Seriously – what is that about? And you know what? Going through it yourself doesn’t make it any more understandable.



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  1. carrumba.tng
    May 24, 2008 @ 07:48:50

    Thinking too deeply.  Loving people but not connecting on an intellectual level?  Many things can make you fell lonely when in a loving place.  If you think a lot about the world around you when the majority of people just don’t care until the petrol suddenly isn’t there or there is no bread and milk.  They say civilisation is only three meals from revolution – deprive a people of three meals in a row and there will be chaos.  Problem is, some of us think about these things and the times we live in.  Are we at a stage now where that could be possible?  Lol… i am just a worrier and thinker by nature.  😛


  2. Daniel
    Jun 01, 2008 @ 08:48:54

    Hmmmmm yeah, I feel like this a lot. My guess is that it’s all about understanding. Two people can really like each other – even love each other – and be prepared to do absolutely anything for each other and perhaps, for a while, hanging out with them makes you forget your other troubles  and be happy for a while. But at the end of the day, no matter how much love, respect and appreciation you have for a person, if there’s no understanding (on a deeper-than-every-day level) then there’s still going to be some degree of loneliness in your lives. Why? Because there’s always going to be an intellectual/emotional part of you (maybe the best word is a metaphysical part of you) that, despite all this attention, is still all alone.Or perhaps all people who feel this way are just weird. Who knows 😛


  3. L1
    Jun 01, 2008 @ 10:04:46

    Talk about deep levels.. :)In my personal experience, it’s probably the not connecting on a deep metaphysical/ emotional level that creates that lonely feeling. The thing is though, that it’s kind of up to *both* sides to open up on that really deep level in order to connect like that – and that’s not easy for everyone. Some people may not even know how to open up at that level. It’s a shame there isn’t an "open" button you can press somewhere. I live in hope that anyone has the potential to find their own button, and maybe even help another find theirs!Thanks for your perspective Dan. It really helped.


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