Generalized Courting Patterns in H sapiens

*hushed David Attenborough voice*
The female glances towards the male and then averts her gaze. If she looks towards the male again within 45 seconds of the first glance, this is the clue that she has asserted an interest. However, the eye movements following the glance are important in confirming whether the female is interested or not:
Looking downward and away: This is a sign the female is interested in the male, and would welcome their approach. Sometimes a tiny
suppressed smile accompanies this downward look. All the better.
Looking horozontally on a flat plain: This is a sign that the female is undecided if she would like the male to approach or not.
Looking upwards and away (similar to eye-rolling): This is a sign that the female is not interested in the male and should be taken by the male as a cue to back down.

If the eye movements are positive, the female may follow this with a smile. Positive eye movements with a smile are all cues for the male to begin his approach, although usually the male will only approach on the third smile.

Source: Leil Lowndes


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